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Effective pain management for the wounded, ill and injured is essential. There are two types of pain; acute pain which occurs after trauma, but goes away after the injury heals and chronic pain which is a persistent pain that results from medical conditions with various pathophysiologies, i.e. injury, infection or a disease process. Chronic pain takes a physical and mental toll on individuals and their families. This may significantly affect their quality of life.

Learning how to effectively manage pain through medication therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy or alternative medicine is important to achieving maximum functionality and an improved quality of life.

The Health Promotion and Wellness Wounded, Ill, and Injured team at the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center is committed to facilitating effective pain management, improved level of functioning and return to mission through the provision of resources to meet the needs of those who are wounded, ill, and injured, their family members and caregivers.


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