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The purpose of the Warfighter Wellness Physical Optimization Program is to both improve human physical performance and to deter the greatest threat to military readiness: Musculoskeletal injury (MSKI).

As our warfighters seek world-class performance excellence to protect the security of our country, the demand signal placed upon the military sports medicine and human performance programs to maintain and to advance resiliency, durability, sustainability, toughness and lethality of warfighter athletes intensifies. The Warfighter Wellness Physical Optimization Program provides evidence-based resources and practices/initiatives, and identifies emerging research and practices strategies that advances the science and practice of human performance excellence.

NAVY OPERATIONAL FITNESS & FUELING SYSTEM (NOFFS) Physical fitness is an essential and critical component of operational readiness and meeting deployment schedules. Sailor resiliency and durability are the primary goals of the development and distribution of the NOFFS.

Prep Your Step: Safely Train for a 5K Making the commitment to run a seasonal race is a great way to be more active and prioritize your health this holiday season. To safely prepare, keep these tips in mind as you complete your training.

Break a SweatRegular physical activity helps nourish skin and contributes to healthy aging. Although you can’t avoid aging, exercise can improve your appearance and slow down the aging process.

Staying Fit This Holiday SeasonRemaining active throughout the year is important to your overall health, but sticking to your routine during the holiday season can be difficult. Holiday gatherings and travels can lead to fewer workouts and eating more. Just as you plan to celebrate the season, you can also plan to exercise. Click on the images below to reveal tips that can help you stick to your routine.

Movement Motivation Being Active can optimize your performance at work as well as offering health benefits.

Official Navy PFA (Physical Fitness Assessment) App The Official Navy PFA (Physical Fitness Assessment) app provides Sailors with all the Physical Readiness Program information they need to maintain optimal health, fitness, and readiness according to Navy standards.

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