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Prep Your Step: Safely Train for a 5k
Group of runners at the front of a race

Making the commitment to run a seasonal race is a great way to be more active and prioritize your health this holiday season. To safely prepare, keep these tips in mind as you complete your training:

Icon of a man pointing to a goal/destination
Set a Goal
Establishing a race goal can help you stick to a training program and overcome challenges. It also improves motivation and feelings of accomplishment.
woman running in a 5k race
icon of health food on a plate with a fork and spoom om either side of the plate
Eat Smart
Your body must be fueled properly to perform at its best. Prioritize protein and carbohydrates such as whole grains, starchy vegetables, fruit and legumes. See the NOFFS Fueling Strategies for more information.
Icon of a shoe with lines to indicate movement
Find the Right Shoes
Select running shoes carefully and identify a pair that best suits your foot based on level of support. For help, try completing a gait analysis to better understand your needs.
icon of a person sleeping in a bed
Prioritize Sleep
Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night while training. Getting enough sleep is crucial for muscle recovery, can reduce the risk of injury and improve overall performance.
icon of a checkmark with four arrows in a circle pointing clockwise
Consistency is Key
Commit to your training schedule and record your workouts. Consider using a smartwatch or other fitness tracking applications to keep track of the data.
icon of a man stepping in something and falling over backwards
Watch Your Step
Stay aware of your surroundings. Check for fallen leaves, uneven ground and other hazards that could lead to injury.
icon of a runner's safety vest that appears to be flashing
Stay Safe
As daylight decreases, consider taking precautions when running outside. Examples include using reflective gear, wearing brightly colored clothing and bringing lighting equipment.
Icon of an aid cross with  one arrow circling around it counter-clockwise
Listen to Your Body
If you’re feeling fatigued, adjust your workout or take a rest day. Recovery is an important part of the training process. For ideas, check out the NOFFS Regeneration Strategies.
icon of a person lifting a weighted bar above their head
Complement Your Runs
Consider adding other types of activity into your routine, like pillar and movement preparation, yoga or lifting weights. These activities build strength and increase flexibility.
Icon of a stylized shape above the word endurance. The shape has to wave like parts to it
Try NOFFS Endurance
Need help with planning your workouts? Consider downloading the NOFFS Endurance mobile app!
Illustration of a mobile phone
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