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Sleep Challenge
Man sleeping comfortably

Sleep is an important factor in our emotional, physical, and mental health. It is a time when our bodies and minds recover from the stresses and exertions of the day. A sleep challenge is a great way to recalibrate your downtime, refocus on recovery, optimize your health and ensure you are functioning better than the day before!

  • Exercise is linked to better sleep quality. If you struggle to fall or stay asleep, consider incorporating regular physical activity into your routine. However, avoid exercising within 3 hours of bedtime.
  • Consider the use of an application that can help with falling asleep or track time spent sleeping.
    • LifeArmor
    • Breathe2Relax
    • Tactical Breather
    • Smartwatch Tracking
  • Speak with a health care provider if you continue to have difficulty sleeping.
Week 1 Goal (Days 1-7)
Day 7

Keep a log of your sleep schedule for 7 days. Be sure to track your daily bedtime, wake-up time and total time spent asleep to better understand your typical sleep habits.

Week 2 Goal (days 8-14)

Establish your sleep intentions. Higher quality sleep starts with the right mindset and bedroom environment.

Create a bedtime routine
Set a fixed bedtime & wake-up time
Limit electronics 2 hours before bed
Prep your space for success
Restrict alcohol consumption
Get some sunlight during the day
Wash bedding often for cleanliness
Week 3 Goal (Days 15-21)

Remove distractions that may inhibit your ability to fall or stay asleep.

Remove sleep distractions
Choose light & comfy sleepwear
Keep a bedside notepad for late-night thoughts
Avoid caffeine within 6 hours of bedtime
Avoid electronics while in bed
Meditate, reflect, or pray before bed
Avoid large meals 2-3 hours before bed
Week 4 Goal (Days 22-28)

Write down two sleep goals based on what you gathered from your sleep log and the challenge so far.

Reflection (Days 29-31)

What is one thing from the challenge that you want to integrate into your daily routine?

What is something that you learned about your sleep habits from participating in the challenge?

Bonus: Reward yourself for completing the challenge!

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