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Staying Fit This Holiday Season
Father and two sons running playfully in the snow

Remaining active throughout the year is important to your overall health, but sticking to your routine during the holiday season can be difficult. Holiday gatherings and travels can lead to fewer workouts and eating more. Just as you plan to celebrate the season, you can also plan to exercise. Click on the images below to reveal tips that can help you stick to your routine.

Make A Plan
A workout journal with writing in it

Write out how often and how long you plan to work out each week.

black woman lifting a barbell

Include the types of workouts (e.g., running, body weight, yoga) and any equipment you may need.

Packing a suitcase

If you are traveling, bring workout clothes and, if possible, portable workout equipment if you do not have access to a gym.

A person at sunrise with arms raised above their head

If needed, modify your plan as you go to increase success.

Track Your Activity
Woman using an app to track her workout

Use a tracking app of your choosing or write out your daily activity.

Woman dancing in the kitchen

If you cannot reach your daily exercise goal, aim to move your body as much as possible (e.g., take short walk breaks during the day).

Car is sitting in an empty lot alone

Increase your daily physical activity by parking further away while running errands.

Woman excited about accomplishment

Congratulate yourself when you reach your daily, weekly and monthly goals!

Include Others
Famiy decorating the tree

Engage in holiday activities with your loved ones (e.g., decorating and shopping).

Woman and her children walking a trail bundled in winter clothes

Invite your friends and family to participate in workouts with you.

Christmas themed walk/run

Sign up for a holiday walk or run with your loved ones.

Mother and daughter dancing to music

Stay active by playing with the kids and pets in your friend group and family.

Reasons to Stay Fit This Holiday Season

There are many benefits to prioritizing your physical health during the holidays. Take time this season to stay active and work toward your fitness goals.

Planned Workouts Keep You Structured

Consistency is key with exercise. Even when your routine changes, staying active can help you maintain a sense of structure during a busy holiday season. From increased calorie intake to more down time, planned activity is one of the best ways to remain consistent when other daily factors change.

A work out plan that has yet to be filled out
Exercise Reduces Sedentary Behavior

Planned exercises and moving more throughout the day are both great ways to remain active. Unfortunately, during colder months and the holidays, it may be harder to motivate yourself to do so. If weather conditions and holiday travel may impact your activity levels, try new ways to move throughout the day. Consider using a treadmill to walk or run indoors or include friends and family in your at-home workout.

Woman on a treadmill looking out over a snowy landscape
Working Out Reduces Stress, Depression and Anxiety

The holiday season can be stressful and difficult. Exercise releases endorphins, or feel-good chemicals, that positively impact your wellbeing. Even a short exercise can improve your mood and reduce stress levels, especially during a busy season. If you are new to exercising or have little motivation, try starting with stretching and breathing a few minutes per day. Also, plan exercise you know you will enjoy!

Woman stretching using a resistence band
Exercise Increases Energy Levels

With more items on your to-do list and fewer daylight hours, energy levels may decrease during the holiday season. Staying active, especially consistently, helps boost your energy and reduce fatigue throughout the day. Exercise also helps improve your quality of sleep, which impacts your energy levels, as well.

Little wooden squares with ascending levels of charge in a printed battery
Planned Workouts Prevent Detraining

Remaining active is important for meeting your fitness goals. You may notice it is harder to start working out again even after a few days off. Try to maintain a routine that is easy to stick to and can be adjusted for travel during the holiday season. It may be tempting to skip workouts over the holidays, so try to get back on track as soon as you can if you do miss a workout.

A man lies on the floor, taking a break from exercise
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