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Tobacco Free Challenge
Cigarette on top of wood block letters that spell STOP. Wood background,

Congratulations! Deciding to quit tobacco is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health. Preparation is key to quitting successfully, and making a plan to quit is the first step. Consider your motivation to quit, talk to your health care provider and prepare for possible triggers and obstacles to help improve your chances at success.

Decorative text - Week 1 The Why. There is an icon of a calendar on the left and an icon of a chat bubble on the right
  • Take time to track your tobacco use. Notice times of day and how much tobacco you use.
  • Identify how you feel when you use tobacco.
  • Identify why you want to quit. Write down a different reason each day and display it in an area you notice frequently.
  • Choose a date to quit tobacco products.
Decorative text - Week 2 The How. There is an icon of a calendar on the left and an icon of a chat bubble on the wheel cog with a question mark in it
  • Talk to your healthcare provider for planned support in your quit journey. This could mean medications, counseling, use of quitlines, text and chat programs, etc.
  • Make a quit plan. Be as specific as possible.
    • Identify triggers for your tobacco use. List out alternative ways to cope without tobacco products.
    • Remove tobacco-related items from your environment (e.g., lighters, ash trays, dip cans, e-cigarettes, pouches).
    • Create a plan for managing cravings. Write out “When I have a craving, I will ___,” statements.
    • Create a healthy reward system for days, weeks, and months that you stay quit.
    • Make a plan for how you will address possible difficulties and slip-ups.
Decorative text - Week 3 The Who. There is an icon of a calendar on the left and an icon two people close to each other
  • Identify a network of people for support.
  • Share your quit date and quit plan with your support group and ask for specific help (e.g., check-ins, tobacco-free environments, positive words).
  • Share your reasons for quitting with loved ones.
  • If you know someone who wants to quit, ask to be accountability buddies.
Decorative text - Week 4 The When. There is an icon of a calendar on the left and an icon of a wheel cog with an analog clock inside it
  • Your quit date is days away! Review your Why, How and Who and make any additions and adjustments as needed in your plan.
  • On your quit day, make sure there are no tobacco-related items in your environment.
  • Celebrate your decision and quit day with loved ones.
Decorative text - Slip Ups Now What. There is an icon depressed person with their head in their hands on the left and an icon of a depressed person on the the right who is sitting on the ground holding their lower legs
  • If you slip up, give yourself grace. It happens!
  • Identify why and how you slipped up, then adjust your quit plan as need be.
  • Review your reasons for quitting and your commitment.
  • Lean on your support system to help you get back on track. You got this!
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