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Mission Statement
The Industrial Hygiene (IH) Division supports afloat commands throughout the NEPMU-2 area of responsibility including submarines, Military Sealift Command ships, and select shore commands as requested. We provide a broad array of occupational safety and health risk assessments, workplace exposure monitoring, field investigations, and consultative assist visits on a request basis.

  • Baseline and periodic IH surveys for submarines and Military Sealift Command ships. (Note: IH surveys for surface ships are referred to Branch Medical Clinic Sewell’s Point Industrial Hygiene Department)
  • Reviews of Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) programs, such as asbestos control, respiratory protection, hazardous material management, sight and hearing conservation, to ensure compliance with applicable Federal and Navy regulations (i.e., Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, OPNAVINST 5100.19 Series)
  • Special IH surveys and workplace assessments to address employee concerns such as ventilation, indoor air quality, and noise.
  • IH sampling to assess worker exposures and effectiveness of hazard controls, including air sampling, noise surveys, and evaluation of ventilation systems.
  • Training and technical assist visits, as requested by commands.
  • Consultative review of engineering designs, remediation projects, and Standard Operating Procedures relevant to industrial hygiene on a request basis.

Links to references:
ASHORE Navy Safety and Occupational Health Manual: AFLOAT Navy Safety and Occupational Health Manual: Contact NEPMU TWO's Industrial Hygiene Division:

Q. How often is an Industrial Hygiene survey required?
A. For new construction ships, baseline industrial hygiene surveys are necessary prior to final contract trials to assist the ship in correcting any deficient material conditions that may arise due to potential deviation from contract specifications. Baseline industrial hygiene surveys shall be completed no later than six months after post-shakedown availability. All afloat commands shall receive periodic industrial hygiene surveys every 36 months thereafter in accordance with OPNAVINST 5100.19F.

Q. How long do you need to complete the Industrial Hygiene surveys?
A. Typically, periodic industrial hygiene surveys take one week to complete. The more comprehensive baseline survey requires more time and should be worked out with the person performing your survey.

Q. How do I request for an Industrial Hygiene survey?
A. To schedule an industrial hygiene survey, contact NEPMU-2 at (757) 953-6600 or email NEPMU-2 Fleet Department.

Q. Do you test for mold?
A. Currently, the NAVY does not test for mold, but we are available for technical guidance and onsite assessments for mold prevention and remediation. In general, mold sampling is unnecessary especially when visible mold is present. Regardless of mold identified or the number of spores, it does not change the requirement to stop water intrusion and clean up the contamination. See mold guidance for additional information.

Q. Do you provide sampling services?
A. Yes, we provide sampling for occupational exposures to lead, asbestos, heavy metals, solvents, noise, etc. Industrial Hygiene personnel do not perform environmental sampling. These services are referred to supporting NAVFAC Environmental Division or MTF Environmental Health Office.

Q. Do you provide support for other commands on Naval Station Norfolk besides submarines and MSC ships?
A. Sewell’s Point Industrial Hygiene Department directly supports shore commands and surface ships assigned to Naval Station Norfolk. Industrial hygiene services requested by these commands are coordinated with Sewell’s Point.

Q. Do you provide training and outreach programs?
A. Yes, we can provide onsite occupational safety and health briefs, stand-down training, and/or training materials to your command on a request basis. In addition, we can assist and provide technical direction with targeted interventions concerning employee concerns related to occupational hazards.

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