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The Total Force Directorate provides guidance for Naval Medical Forces Pacific manpower, personnel, training and education policies, programs, and practices for all active duty, reserve, civilian, and contractor personnel. The directorate also develops, analyzes, and coordinates the Total Force Program and oversees all training programs and requirements for NMFP. 
 The Total Force Directorate is also responsible for the following:
  • Developing and coordinating a Total Force staffing strategy, including full integration of active and reserve military manpower, Federal civilian, and contract personnel
  • Ensuring manpower requirements for subordinate Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Commands (NMRTC) and Research and Development Commands are maintained and properly updated to meet current and projected requirements 
  • Managing the manpower change process, ensuring compliance with higher authority guidelines and directives, and serving as the approval authority for all NMFP Manpower Change Requests (MCR)
  • Developing, planning, and overseeing NMFP's education and training strategy, policy, governance, and resources to deliver innovative education and training (E&T) solutions to deploy effective, efficient, and cohesive E&T across the region 
  • Overseeing the development and modification of Mission, Functions, and Tasks (MF&T) statements an instructions for NMRTC commands


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