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Welcome Aboard

Congratulations on your receipt of orders to Naval Medical Forces Pacific (NMFP)! We are a diverse and dynamic activity of some 80 staff consisting of Active Duty, Civil Service and Contract personnel specializing in Administration, Human Resources, Healthcare Business, and Clinical Operations, Future Planning, Finance and Budgeting, and Healthcare Facility Planning, Programming, Design and Construction.
Our offices are located onboard Naval Base, San Diego (Dry Side) at:


4170 Norman Scott Road, Bldg.
3595 & 3232 (Suite 5),
San Diego, CA 92136-5521

You can contact us at:
  • (619) 767-6573
  • (619) 607-1004 (CDO)
The Naval Base has many services.  If you are in need of further assistance or require additional information, click one of the following links:
Navy Region Southest
"Welcome Aboard San Diego" 


Command Sponsor

If you have just received orders to Naval Medical Forces Pacific please contact the Sponsor coordinator as noted on your BUPERS orders. However, in the interim the attached packages and links will provide great information about the San Diego area.

Command Sponsorship Coordinator:


All visitors are required to enter the base via the Main Gate. The following basic rules apply:
  • Proceed directly to the Main Gate (Gate 7) and be prepared to stop.
  • U.S. Department of Defense identification card is required.U.S. Department of Defense identification card is required.
  • State your business (i.e. "reporting for duty")


Report in the Uniform of the Day to the NMFP Administration Department, building 3595, (619) 767-6573 (0730-1630 Mon - Fri). 

The staff in our Administration Department will endorse your orders and arrange for temporary berthing if needed. After normal working hours, the CDO can be reached at (619) 607-1004 for assistance.

The uniform of the day for summer is Summer White for E6 and below, and Service Khaki for E7 and above. The uniform of the day for winter is Winter Blue for E6 and below, and Service Khaki for E7 and above


Normal working hours are from 0730 to 1630, Monday through Friday.


If you are flying, your sponsor can make arrangements to have you picked up at the airport.  Should you plan on finding your own transportation, transportation from the airport using the Cloud Nine shuttle, 1-800-9-SHUTTLE (located in Terminal 2) will cost $10.00. A Commercial taxi to the Naval Station dry side (Donnelly Hall, Bldg. 3362) is about $25.00. Not all Shuttles and Taxis are  allowed on base, ensure you verify they have NavBase access otherwise it is approximately a 1/4 mile to NMFP and 1/2 mile hike to the Bachelor Quarters.


There is ample public transportation in the San Diego area. Bus and taxi service is available almost around the clock, as well as a comprehensive San Diego Trolley system, which runs to the base. A base shuttle is available and stops at all points of interest on the naval base including piers, exchanges, PSD, barracks, clubs, and fitness centers. Numerous area maps are available from Family Service Center (located on the hill across from the Naval Base San Diego Exchange). 


Naval Base San Diego recognizes all DoD decals. You are not required to obtain a Navy South West Region decal while on TAD orders to NMFP provided you have a valid decal from another base. Issuance of a NAVBASE San Diego (Navy SouthWest Region) decal requires the following:
  • A valid driver's license
  • Current state registration certificate
  • Proof of insurance with personal liability, property damage, and deductible coverage of at least $1,500/$1,500/$500 respectively
  • Pass the California Vehicle Smog Test requirement (even if it is registered in another state)
  • A current military ID
Personnel applying for a motorcycle base decal will be required to produce a valid stamped license and successfully complete the motorcycle defensive driving course prior to issuance of decal. For further information call Pass and Decal Office at (619) 556-1651.


Naval Medical Forces Pacific Offices are located on Naval Base San Diego nearest GATE 32, Gate 32 access is off of Main, Division and Yuma streets at Anchors Catering center.  (Note: NMFP is located on Naval Base San Diego and not on the same compound as the Naval Medical Center San Diego.)

Driving from the north:

  • Take I-5 South, exit on to MAIN/Division STREET
  • Continue to the end of the exitContinue to the end of the exit
  • After the stoplight, continue straight across MAIN STREET onto YAMA STREET toward Gate 32
  • Continue through the gate, merge onto left lane and after stop, turn left onto PAUNACK STREETContinue through the gate, merge onto left lane and after stop, turn left onto PAUNACK STREET
  • Turn into first parking lot on right, NMW Bldg 3595 is on rightTurn into first parking lot on right, NMW Bldg 3595 is on right
Driving from the south:
  • Take I-5 North
  • Exit onto Main/Division, and merge onto NATIONAL CITY BLVD
  • At the stop sign, turn sharp right onto DIVISION STREET
  • At the next stop sign, turn sharp right onto MAIN STREET
  • At the stop light, turn sharp left onto YAMA STREET towards Gate 32
  • Continue through the gate, merge onto left lane and after stop, turn left onto PAUNACK STREET
  • Turn into the first parking lot on right, NMW Bldg 3595 is on right.
As of 30 APR 10, San Diego no longer meets the criteria for designation as a "Critical Housing Area" (CHA). Service members will no longer be able to draw BAH based on the current permanent residence location of dependents vice the location of the member's Permanent Duty Station. Members with approved CHA benefits at in this location may retain their benefits through the duration of their current assignment. Waiver requests will be submitted by PERS-451H and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


San Diego housing information is provided in the directory entitled, "San Diego Resource Guide" and "Assignment San Diego." These directories contain a complete description of options and services available to assist you and your family if moving to San Diego. The Military Family Housing Office can also provide a PCS Housing Assistance report. Both are available at the local Navy Housing Office located in BLDG 3544, on the hill across from the Navy Exchange and new commissary complex.
More information about housing in San Diego and can be found here:
Before entering into a house rental or purchase, the Housing Referral Office for Naval Base San Diego (619) 556-8072 or DSN 526-8072 provides a referral service for both on and off-base housing units. There is a tremendous amount of information available in their package. There are hundreds of furnished and unfurnished apartments throughout the San Diego area. The San Diego Family Services Center Welcome Aboard Package contains two outstanding apartment directories. 
Be sure you fully understand the conditions of your lease before you sign for occupancy of any apartment. Personnel at the Housing Referral Office will review the lease with you upon request. Ensure your lease contains a "military clause." A military clause is a special lease or rental provision that allows military members to cancel rental agreements, without penalty, upon receipt of unexpected reassignment/Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.



Contact the Personal Property Office at Naval Station San Diego for information on your inbound personal property shipment. Their phone number is (619) 556- MOVE (6683).


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