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Established in 2011, the vision of the Biobehavioral Sciences Lab (BSL) is to be a DOD leader in translational studies of biobehavioral health and human performance. Our team has expertise in stress physiology, psychological health, nutrition, salivary bioscience, and sport psychology.


Our biobehavioral research seeks to understand the unique and combined characteristics that influence performance and readiness in military personnel. We are specifically interested in gene-environment interactions and how they may confer health traits that are either protective or increase vulnerability.


  • Quantify biobehavioral factors influencing health and performance
  • Conduct novel interventions to promote health and performance
  • Translate findings into products, policies and programs for the military community


  • Metabolic and cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Muscular strength
  • Genetic markers of stress and health
  • Performance strategy (in training and operations)
  • Behavioral health
  • Body composition and bone density
  • Salivary hormones and inflammatory markers


  • Combat and blast exposure blunt sympathetic response to acute exercise stress in specialized
    military men
  • Development of a mobile application for estimating self-reported blast exposure over the
    lifespan, “Blast App 1.0”
  • Trauma exposure predicts functional movement characteristics of male tactical athletes
  • Establishment of an evidence-based human performance program, “U.S. Navy Explosive
    Ordnance Disposal STRIKE”.
  • Blast exposure interacts with genetic variant 5HTTLPR to predict posttraumatic stress symptoms
    in military explosives personnel
  • Psychological strategies during military training are linked to resilience in U.S. Navy Explosive
    Ordnance Disposal operators
  • A genetic risk factor for major depression and suicidal ideation is mitigated by physical activity
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