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Comprised of four departments that conduct integrated medical and dental research in the areas of biomaterial development and testing, biostatistical analysis, patient safety and environmental surveillance, epidemiology, and treatment of multi-drug resistant infections.

  • The Epidemiology Department analyzes trends and identifies risk factors leading to the improvement of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of craniomaxillofacial and oral injuries and diseases that affect the health and readiness of Sailors and Marines while deployed, ashore, or in garrison.

  • The Biomaterials Department develops, tests, and evaluates biomaterials used in medicine and dentistry.

  • The Maxillofacial Injury and Disease Department conducts research on the pathophysiology, microbiology, immunology, and etiology of medical and dental diseases.

  • The Environmental Surveillance Department, as the lead agent for mercury abatement in Navy Dental Treatment Facilities, tests systems and technologies that minimize the environmental impact and occupational hazards of Navy Dentistry.

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