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Occupational and Environmental Medicine provides health care professionals with the integral tools to complete mandated surveillance and certification examinations in compliance with Federal, DOD, and Navy requirements. This includes management of the Navy’s Asbestos Medical Surveillance Program, publication of specialized healthcare technical manuals, and consultative services to health care professionals and line commands to address workplace and environmental exposure hazards.

Our “Medical Surveillance Procedures Manual and Medical Matrix” is the authoritative guide to all Navy occupational medical surveillance and certification examinations, providing thorough and up to date guidance, it is considered a premier product across the DOD and is used by many Army and Air Force health care providers.

The Asbestos Medical Surveillance Program, the world’s largest, monitors and maintains a record of all Navy service members and DON civilians with a history of occupational exposure to asbestos.

Our technical manuals are niche products that provide expert guidance in a comprehensive and up to date format.

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