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TThe OEM/OHN Fundamentals Course will provide instruction on basic (routine) Occupational Medicine (OM) and how it is practiced in the US Navy/DoD. The course is intended for health care providers (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners) and nurses that do not have formal OM training (i.e., OEM residency or experience) or are new to the Navy/DoD OM program who will be practicing in an Occupational Health clinic or have significant OM-related workload. The course will cover the history of OM, workplace hazards, risk communication, Navy/DoD Occupational Health programs, worksite visits, and available resources. This is NOT a board review course, or intended to be a refresher course for those who are experienced or have taken the course previously.

General Information

2024 Course Dates/Hours
9-13 SEP 2024 Registration open

Monday-Friday: 0830-1630 EST Total 4.5 days.
VIRTUAL Interactive Course.

Technology Requirements: Participants must have a microphone and webcam on or attached to a computer or laptop and must have access to MS Teams (the course will be hosted on MS Teams). Cameras must be on for small group participation. MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Is it highly recommended that participants request local TAD/TDY to attend the course away from the clinic and other distractions. Commands may have government laptops available if needed. Personal desktops or laptops with CITRIX installed may access MS Teams via AVHE ( If you do not meet these requirements, you cannot take the course.

Quota Request / Student Registration Request

Please complete Registration form and submit to Course POC.

Course POC

Contact information for OEM/OHN Fundamentals Course email:

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