The Navy is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for all of its personnel, military and civilian. As a part of accomplishing this goal, the Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) Department at NMCPHC publishes the authoritative guide for occupational medical surveillance and certification programs. This guide, the Medical Surveillance Procedures Manual and Medical Matrix, NMCPHC-TM OM 6260, is a critical component of the Navy's successful medical surveillance program. The OEM Department's professional staff also provides consultative services to health care providers and line commands to assist with the correct enrollment of personnel in medical surveillance and job certification programs.

Introduction to Surveillance and Certification Exams


Medical Matrix

Download the 12th Edition of the Medical Surveillance Procedures Manual and Medical Matrix (NMCPHC-TM OM 6260)

This 12th Edition of the Medical Surveillance Procedures Manual and Medical Matrix is a dynamic document that has been built on the efforts of Occupational and Environmental Medicine professionals for almost 25 years.


As OPNAV 5100.15 has been cancelled, an optional tool to capture occupational and non-occupational exposure history is Data Grid 5100.15.



Medical Matrix Online is the new, updated version of PC Matrix. Just like PC Matrix, Medical Matrix Online is the digital companion to the Medical Surveillance Procedures Manual and Medical Matrix. The capability and functionality of PC Matrix has been retained in Medical Matrix Online. Medical Matrix Online is major improvement from the last version of PC Matrix. Medical Matrix Online is accessible from your clinic desktop computer. Program downloads and installations are no longer required. Additionally, OEM at NMCPHC will be able to keep Medical Matrix Online continuously up to date so clinics will always have the most up to date examination guides readily available.

Click HERE to access Medical Matrix Online (First time users- see Instructions for Accessing Medical Matrix Online) .


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