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Mission Statement

NEPMU-2's Threat Assessment Department collects data, disseminates information, and provides consultation on communicable disease control for operations within the Unit's area of responsibility (AOR).
We develop and implement disease surveillance programs and technology that will provide a rapid and effective laboratory response to emerging infectious disease, bioterrorism (BT), and other public health emergencies for the Navy and Marine Corps.

Health Promotions Division

The NEPMU-2 Health Promotions Division supports over 70 commands in our Area of Responsibility and provides Health and Wellness support for command Health Promotions Coordinators that apply for the Surgeons General’s Blue-H HP Award.
Click HERE to visit our page for information on Health and Wellness Fairs, Blue-H coaching, and any additional resources you may need for you program.   

Med/Epi Division
NEPMU-2's Medical and epidemiology division is staffed by SMEs that provide preventive medicine guidance as well as monitor communicable diseases to our area of responsibility.
Services and Consultations Provided
  • Provide travel medicine assistance by offering recommended immunizations, providing disease alerts, and preparing personal safety reminder briefs to travelers and deployable commands.
  • Malaria Consultation
  • Tuberculosis Consultation
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Consultations
  • Travel Vaccine Recommendations
If you have questions or need consultation, please Contact us


Microbiology Laboratory Division
The laboratory utilizes multiple technologies for emerging infectious disease detection and surveillance through advanced molecular and biochemical based microbiological identification systems. 
  • Registered with College of American Pathologists (Lab ID#9368432) and Biodefense Research Directorate for regular proficiency training.
  • We provide testing capabilities for outbreak investigations and surveillance support.
  • Rapid communication via telephone, email, to provide subject matter expertise.
 Laboratory Capabilities
  • NEPMU-2 can perform testing on various matrices (i.e.  Surfaces, soil, powder, liquids, food, and insect vectors) for specimen surveillance.
  • Biological Select Agents and Toxins (BSAT) Detection
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and isothermal NAAT equipment
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Mold consultation and microscopy
  • Parasite identification (i.e. Malaria) 
Laboratory Consultative Services
  • NEPMU-2 is a LRN Sentinel Level Laboratory in the Hampton Roads area.
  • NEPMU-2 provides outbreak support but does not provide clinical diagnostics for patients. 
Please contact us if your command is in need of training, surveillance, or laboratory outbreak investigation support. Surveillance data from specimens are provided as descriptive statistics in aggregate or must be decoded by providing medical department so that unit retains all PII.
  Laboratory Training:
  • Laboratory Identification of Malaria (B-322-2210) – Contact NEPMU TWO Education Officer to enroll.
  • BioFire FilmArray Respiratory Panel and COVID-19 panel

Deploying and interested in refreshing your Micro/ NGDS FilmArray skills before deployment?
Contact us
Q: We've seen a recent and unusual increase in respiratory or G.I. cases. Who can we contact to help identify the reason and stop the progression?
A: Contact the laboratory staff for assistance using the Contact Us link above. We have a team of doctors and investigation specialists here to help.
Q: I would like to collect specimens for testing from a recent outbreak at my station. How do I do that?
A: Contact the laboratory staff for assistance and questions on specimen collection using the Contact Us link above.
Q: I'm an IDC or ALT about to deploy and would like to update my Malaria, Parasite, and/or Microbiology skills before departing. Can you help?
A: Yes! Please contact the NEPMU TWO Education Officer for regular Malaria CANTRAC classes and the laboratory staff using the Contact Us link above for other individual training.

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