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 Mission Statement

NEPMU-2 Vector department protects health and improves readiness of sailors and civilians by providing a variety of services.


Uniform Treatment:

  • Permethrin uniform treatments to prevent insect bites
  • Instruct shipboard pest management and Category 8 pesticide certification
  • Consultation and pesticide treatment for cockroaches, bed bugs, and other insect pests
  • Rodent management consultation and support
  • Review integrated pest management plans for installations
  • Provide support for insect and rodent problems
  • Assist with mosquito identification and surveillance



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we get uniforms treated before a deployment?

A: Contact the vector department at After contacting our department, uniforms can be delivered to NEPMU-2 and treated on the discussed date. Commands can also order individual uniform treatment kits using NSN 6840-01-345-0237.

Q: Can you identify an insect, spider or pest we found at the command?

A: Yes, we are happy to identify any pest or insect that you have at your command. Contact us at for more information about identification.

Q: I need to renew my shipboard pest management or my Category 8 pesticide certification, can you teach it to me?

A: Yes, contact Mr. Bolden in our training department at 757-953-6606 for dates and time of the trainings.

Q: I found an insect an installation can you come spray the building for insects?

A: No, installation pest management is done by contractors or NAVFAC. Contact public works at your installation for more information

Q: I found insects or pests on my ship, can you come spray the ship for insects?

A: Yes, but we follow the DOD policy of Integrated Pest Management and the instructions set by NAVMED P-5052-26. If upon visiting the ship we see that there is a need for pesticides we will spray the infested area. For assistance with a pest management issue, contact us at  
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