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Our mission is to provide external and internal education and training, ashore and afloat, while maintaining training logistical support for deploying FDPMU teams in support of operational commanders worldwide. Services Offered CANTRAC and specialized education & training in support of Navy military and civilian personnel assigned within this unit’s AOR, ashore and afloat.

For information on course registration, please contact:


  • DoD Pest Management Initial Category 8 Certification
  • DoD Pest Management Recertification
  • BUMED Shipboard Pest Management
  • BUMED Ship Sanitation Certificate Program (SSCP)
  • Operational Entomology Training
  • Food Safety Managers/Supervisors
  • Laboratory Identification of Malaria

Pre-requisites: Some courses have prerequisites to attend. Verification that the applicant meets these prerequisites will be required. These courses are:

  • CIN: B-322-1074: DoD Pest management Recertification Course. Students must provide current certification numbers and expiration dates. If unavailable, students must contact the NEPMU-5 Education and Training Department to verify their certification information. Their SSN may be requested to conduct the search.
  • CIN: B-322-2101: Food Safety Manager/Supervisor Course. Civilian attendees must provide proof of manager/ supervisor status. This may include verification by their immediate supervisor and date hired.
  • CIN: B-322-2210: Laboratory ID of Malaria. Completion of the Malaria Prevention and Control course (NKO catalog# NMCPHC-MPC-1.0) prior to attending the course.
  • CIN: B-322-1100: Ship Sanitation Certificate Program. Non PMT prerequisites: ShIp Sanitation Control Certificate Program (NKO# CFHP-SSCEC-1.0), Health Aspects of Marine Sanitation Devices (NKO# NMCPHC-HAMSD-1.0), Water Sanitation Afloat (NKO# NMCPHC-WSA-1.0), Shipboard Pest Mgmt (CIN: B-322-1075), and Food Safety Mgr/Supvr (CIN: B-322-2101).

Course Quotas

Request for quotas can be made by e-mail, fax, letter or message. The applicant must provide the following information:

  • Course title and date Full name Rate/rank Branch of service Job title or position Command name Phone number E-mail address
  • Quota Confirmation: Applicants will be contacted by the Training Department no later than 15 days prior to the course convening date to confirm or deny the quota request.
  • Quota Cancellation: Please notify the Training Department immediately if the applicant is unable to attend so that quotas may be fill by other applicants.
  • Course Cancellation Notice (CCN): The CCN will be posted on the website 10 days prior to the course convene date.
    Uniform: Uniform of the day is required for all military personnel. Civilians are required to have appropriate attire.
  • Courses that include field training or OJT will require working attire. Specific information will be provided prior to the course convene date.


TAD / TDY orders are not required by NEPMU FIVE for personnel attending courses. The individual's command will retain service, health, dental an pay records. When messing and/or berthing are required, it is recommended that the command issues the order as follows:

  • NEPMU-5: Orders direct student to report to the Officer in charge. After working hours, leave a message on the Unit's voicemail at (619) 556-7070. Report the following working day prior to 0700 to the Officer in Charge.

Classroom Information

Street address (located between NEX Lodge & Housing Office):

3235 Albacore Alley (Bldg 3235)
Naval Base 32nd Street
San Diego, CA 92136


All classes begin promptly at 0730


Student parking is located at the open parking lot between Bldg’s 268 & 270 (FFSC Bldgs) on LeHardy St (2 blocks past Bldg 3235).

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