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Provide force health protection through operational disease vector surveillance and control in support of Navy and Marine Corps missions. Provide external and internal education and training, ashore and afloat, while maintaining training logistical support for deploying FDPMU teams in support of operational commanders worldwide.

Services Offered
CANTRAC courses and specialized education/training in support of DoD military and civilian personnel assigned within this unit's AOR, ashore and afloat.

CANTRAC/Other Courses

  • DoD Pest Applicator Certificate Refresher (CIN: B-322-0017)1 (Length: 10 Days)
  • DoD Pest Management Recertification (CIN: B-322-1074)1 (Length: 3 Days)
  • BUMED Shipboard Pest Management (CIN: B-322-1075) (Length: 1.5 Days)
  • BUMED Ship Sanitation Certificate Program (SSCP) (CIN: B-322-1100)2 (Length: .5 Day)
  • Operational Entomology Training (CIN: B-322-1077)1 (Length: 5 Days)
  • Food Safety Managers/Supervisors (CIN: B-322-2101) (Length: 2 Days)
  • Laboratory Identification of Malaria (CIN: B-322-2210) (Length: .5 Day)
  • Tri-Service Food Code Orientation Training (Non-CANTRAC/Other) (Length: 2 Days)

1PMTs (NEC L12A)/Entomologists only. Inquire for dates.


CIN: B-322-0017: DoD Pest Applicator Refresher (Category 8 only). Eligible students: PMTs/ Entomologists only.
CIN: B-322-1074: DoD Pest Management (Category 8) Recertification Course.  Category 8 Certification must be current to attend this course. Eligible students: PMTs/Entomologists only.

CIN: B-322-2101: Food Safety Manager/Supervisor Course. Civilian attendees must provide proof of manager/supervisor status. This may include verification by the civilian's immediate supervisor.
CIN: B-322-2210: Laboratory Identification of Malaria. Must obtain and bring the Malaria Prevention and Control course (NKO catalog# NMCPHC-MPC-1.2) certificate.
CIN: B-322-1100: Ship Sanitation Certificate Program. EHO prerequisites: Completion of the following courses: Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate Program (NKO# CFHP-SSCEC-1.0), Health Aspects of Marine Sanitation Devices (NKO# NMCPHC-HAMSD-1.0), Water Sanitation Afloat (NKO# NMCPHC-WSA-1.0), Shipboard Pest Management (CIN: B-322-1075), and Food Safety Manager/Supervisor (CIN: B-322-2101). Eligible students:  PMT's/EHO's only.

Course Quotas
Requests for quotas can be made via e-mail in the format below and e-mailed to:  

  1. Course Title(s):
  2. Date(s) of the Course(s):
  3. Student's Name (Last, First):
  4. DoD ID #:
  5. If Military- Rank/Rate/Specialty:
  6. If Civilian- Position:
  7. Command/Company Name/City/State:
  8. Student's E-mail Address:
  9. Student's Phone Number:

Students are required to be present throughout the entirety of the course and should not have any conflicting obligations (appointments/meetings) that may interfere with attending the class. Please take into consideration that last minute cancellations (less than five working days prior to the first day of class) or absences (no-shows), prevent other perspective students from enrollment.

Any of the following occurrences will result in disenrollment of the student from the course:
1. Multiple tardies.
2. Missing any subject/topic during a three-day (or shorter) course.
3. Missing more than one subject/topic during a one-week course.

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