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CANTRAC/Other Courses

  • DoD Pest Applicator Certificate Refresher (CIN: B-322-0017)1 (Length: 10 Days)
  • DoD Pest Management Recertification (CIN: B-322-1074)1 (Length: 3 Days)
  • BUMED Shipboard Pest Management (CIN: B-322-1075) (Length: 1.5 Days)
  • BUMED Ship Sanitation Certificate Program (SSCP) (CIN: B-322-1100)2 (Length: .5 Day)
  • Operational Entomology Training (CIN: B-322-1077)1 (Length: 5 Days)
  • Food Safety Managers/Supervisors (CIN: B-322-2101) (Length: 2 Days)
  • Laboratory Identification of Malaria (CIN: B-322-2210) (Length: .5 Day)
  • Tri-Service Food Code Orientation Training (Non-CANTRAC/Other) (Length: 2 Days)

1PMTs (NEC L12A)/Entomologists only. Inquire for dates.


CIN: B-322-0017: DoD Pest Applicator Refresher (Category 8 only). Eligible students: PMTs/ Entomologists only.
CIN: B-322-1074: DoD Pest Management (Category 8) Recertification Course.  Category 8 Certification must be current to attend this course. Eligible students: PMTs/Entomologists only.

CIN: B-322-2101: Food Safety Manager/Supervisor Course. Civilian attendees must provide proof of manager/supervisor status. This may include verification by the civilian's immediate supervisor.
CIN: B-322-2210: Laboratory Identification of Malaria. Must obtain and bring the Malaria Prevention and Control course (NKO catalog# NMCPHC-MPC-1.2) certificate.
CIN: B-322-1100: Ship Sanitation Certificate Program. EHO prerequisites: Completion of the following courses: Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate Program (NKO# CFHP-SSCEC-1.0), Health Aspects of Marine Sanitation Devices (NKO# NMCPHC-HAMSD-1.0), Water Sanitation Afloat (NKO# NMCPHC-WSA-1.0), Shipboard Pest Management (CIN: B-322-1075), and Food Safety Manager/Supervisor (CIN: B-322-2101). Eligible students:  PMT's/EHO's only.

Course Quotas
Requests for quotas can be made via e-mail in the format below and e-mailed to:  

  1. Course Title(s):
  2. Date(s) of the Course(s):
  3. Student's Name (Last, First):
  4. DoD ID #:
  5. If Military- Rank/Rate/Specialty:
  6. If Civilian- Position:
  7. Command/Company Name/City/State:
  8. Student's E-mail Address:
  9. Student's Phone Number:

Students are required to be present throughout the entirety of the course and should not have any conflicting obligations (appointments/meetings) that may interfere with attending the class. Please take into consideration that last minute cancellations (less than five working days prior to the first day of class) or absences (no-shows), prevent other perspective students from enrollment.

Any of the following occurrences will result in disenrollment of the student from the course:
1. Multiple tardies.
2. Missing any subject/topic during a three-day (or shorter) course.
3. Missing more than one subject/topic during a one-week course.

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