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To ensure Force Health Protection, Navy ships complete Baseline Industrial Hygiene Surveys and current Periodic Industrial Hygiene Surveys, the completion of which is tracked by BUMED.

The standardized format for these surveys is covered in more detail in Chapter 2 of the Industrial Hygiene Field Operations Manual. We provide lists showing the ship industrial hygiene surveys for Navy and MSC ships that are held by NMCPHC. Information for those lists is acquired from various sources, and periodically reviewed and up-dated.

Ship Industrial Hygiene Survey Repository Holdings

The above spreadsheets have the names of Navy and MSC ships listed by region and by the program offices from which they receive support, and is provided to allow industrial hygiene program offices to see what industrial hygiene surveys are available. This allows industrial hygiene program offices to easily obtain a copy of the current survey when a ship changes homeport or an MSC ship is requesting a survey at a location other than their usual homeport.

The spreadsheets contain the dates of the baseline industrial hygiene survey and all periodic industrial hygiene surveys held by NMCPHC. All survey dates should reflect the date on the cover letter that transmitted the survey report. The spreadsheets reflect regional notification from the program offices that the surveys were completed. Copies of available surveys and/or Industrial Hygiene Ship Survey templates in the standardized BUMED format are available, upon e-mail request, to us at

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