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Purpose and Function

Ms. Mary Joy Dumaran, Chemist, prepares samples for analysis of metals

NMCPHC operates two IHLs; located in Norfolk, VA and San Diego, CA. The laboratories provide analysis of samples collected under the technical direction of U.S. Navy Industrial Hygienists to identify and quantify occupational exposures of U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps personnel, both military and civilian, to chemical substances.

The IHLs also analyze biological samples submitted by occupational health physicians and nurses for the determination of lead and cadmium in urine and blood and mercury in urine.

The results of sample analyses are usually reported within 12 working days of sample receipt to the occupational health professional submitting the sample. That occupational health professional subsequently uses the analytical results to calculate, interpret and report potential occupational exposure.

The IHLs do not analyze samples for air pollution and water pollution under EPA jurisdiction nor do they analyze environmental samples for bacteria and fungi collected as part of an Indoor Environmental Quality investigation. For environmental analysis under U.S. EPA and state permits, please contact your local NAVFAC Environmental Office.

More information on the IHL in Norfolk, VA >>

More information on the IHL in San Diego, CA >>

The Industrial Hygiene Laboratory at NEPMU5 will no longer perform sample analysis for Asbestos Identification and Fiber Counting. All samples received for asbestos identification or fiber counting will be forwarded to the laboratory at NEPMU2 for analysis. Please see attachment for additional guidance.

Professional Staff

Each CIHL is led by a Laboratory Director and staffed with a QA Coordinator, seven Chemists and a Health Technician, all of whom are Civil Service personnel. Staff Chemists possess a wide variety and many years of experience in research and analytical chemistry. The Technicians provide vital support that allows for the smooth functioning of the CIHL. The QA Coordinator is responsible for a QA program that establishes accreditation requirements.


Each IHL is accredited by the following organizations:
  • IHL-Norfolk (ID# 102170) and IHL San Diego (ID# 101695) are accredited by the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP), LLC in the IHLAP and ELLAP accreditation programs as documented by the scope of accreditation certificate and associated scope.
  • COLA for analysis of metals in blood and urine samples

Key Products and Services

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