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Asbestos medical surveillance findings are recorded on two forms.

When completed using a computer, "Invalid" will be displayed in red until all required data in Section 1 has been entered. Invalid forms must not be submitted. If the document is printed (e.g., to be completed by hand), the "Invalid" notation does not print. After the top and Section 1 are completed (and the PDF form reads "valid," if completed using a computer), print and send the form with the CD (or DVD) to the B reader. There is currently no mechanism to email NAVMED 6260/7 to the B reader. Completed forms should be printed but should not be saved, as it would contain Personally Identifying Information (PII).

For Handwritten forms follow the below instructions: Complete the top of the form except CONTROL NUMBER and complete all blocks in Section 1.

The name of the facility and the Unit Identification Code (UIC) are those of the MTF taking the X-ray.

For civilians, the job code and occupational service code is a 2 letter plus 4 digit number (e.g., GS-0018, WG-2294).

For military personnel, complete the blocks for enlisted (pay grade, rating, and Navy Enlisted Classification) or for officers (pay grade, Navy Officer Billeting Classification, and designator).

For Marines, place the 4 digit Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code in the NEC block. Place the Warrant Officer Occupation Codes in the officer designator block.

For both military and civilian personnel leaving federal service, check Termination Examination in the exam purpose block, regardless of whether any previous examination was done.

For years of government service less than one year, enter 01. Enter 00 only for new employees who have not started working.

Check the appropriate status block (e.g., check Navy if the person is active duty Navy, check Civilian for non-military personnel).

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