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Asbestos Medical Surveillance Program records should be in your employee health (medical) record. However, if you are unable to locate your employee medical record or it is incomplete, a search can be made of the AMSP database through an AMSP registry privacy act request. For an AMSP Registry Search:
  1. Write the words "Request for AMSP Registry Search" at the top of your letter.
  2. Date your request.
  3. Give us your daytime telephone number and/or daytime e-mail address so that our staff can get in touch with you during normal business hours if they have questions.
  4. Give us your complete mailing address.
  5. Provide us your complete Name, Social Security Number (SSN), and birth date.
  6. Some information regarding the time frame that you may have been exposed to Asbestos.
  7. Send your letter to the following address.

Recent Program Changes

ATTN: FOIA Coordinator
Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center
620 John Paul Jones Cir, Ste 1100
Portsmouth, VA 23708-2103

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