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It is the mission of the Training division to provide external and internal training, ashore and afloat with services that support the operational forces such as the Navy’s CANTRAC courses and specialized education and training within our area of operations.

NEPMU-6 Training Courses

Quota Request

  • Schedule for all classes is subject to change due to operational commitments, which may impact instructor's availability.
  • Contact us prior to departing duty station to ensure class will convene.

Course Descriptions

  • B-322-0017 DoD Pesticide Applicator Refresher Course
    Note: currently the course is provided as B-322-1050. This course provides the required refresher training for military personnel with expired category 8 certifications. Successful completion results in an additional three-year certification.

  • B-322-1074 DoD Pest Management Recertification
    This course is to recertify civilian and military personnel holding current DoD pesticide applicator certificates. Successful completion of the course results in an additional three-year certification. Prerequisite: A current license in DoD pesticide applicator category 8, Public Health Pest Management.

  • B-322-1075 Shipboard Pest Management
    This course is for Shipboard Medical Department, Food Service and Supply Personnel. Pest management training is tailored to the shipboard environment. One day of classroom instruction followed by a visit to a ship for the field training requirement.

  • B-322-1077 Operational Entomology Training
    Advanced vector-borne disease management in contingency situations. Recertification in DoD Category 8 – Public Health is available as part of the course Prerequisites: Students must be Category 8 certified.

  • B-322-1100 Ship Sanitation Certificate Program
    Course for Navy Preventive Medicine Technicians, Environmental Health Officers and Navy Environmental Health Civilians.. Prerequisites: Course B-322-1075 and NKO courses: SSCEC Program Course (CFHP-SSCEC-1.0), Health Aspects of Marine Sanitation Devices (NMCPHC-HAMSD-1.0) and Water Sanitation Afloat (NMCPHC-WSA-1.0);

  • B-322-2101 Food Safety Managers/Supervisors Course
    Topics covered include basic food microbiology; causes and prevention of food-borne illnesses; sanitary standards for equipment and utensils, dishwashing, food preparation and handling; personal hygiene and health standards for food service personnel; food inspection and storage; and pest control in food service areas. Recertification in this course is required every five (5) years.

Additional Information

  • Directions
    • For directions to the schoolhouse, go to and type in our address, which is 385 South Ave Bldg. 618 JBPHH, HI 96860
  • Lodging/BEQ/BOQ
  • Uniforms
    • Students wear their Uniform of the Day/ Navy Service Uniforms, Navy Working Uniforms or Khakis, as appropriate. Other services: equivalent uniforms.
  • Civilian Attire
    • Appropriate attire is required for all civilians (long trousers for men; pants or dress for women); collared shirt; boots, shoes or dress sandals, no opened toed shoes (business casual).
  • Dining Facilities
    • Dining facilities are within short drive and easy walking distance of NEPMU6.

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