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These directions are directly from NAVMED P-5052-26 Shipboard Pest Management Manual. All infestations of stored products pests (SPPs) must be submitted for identification and reported.

Minimum Requirements

  • Complete form DD1222. Be sure to include all pertinent information, including date sampled, detailed location, and POC name.
  • At least two specimens preserved in 70% alcohol. This is especially important for immature or adult soft-bodied stages.
  • Adult moths should be submitted dry in vials without alcohol, or carefully placed into folded postage envelopes. If an envelope is used, place it on a piece of cardboard with a short section of cardboard on each side of the envelope to act as protective "spacers". Place another piece of cardboard over the envelope and the other cardboard pieces, taping them all together.
  • Whether a dry or alcohol-filled vial is used, place tissue (do not use cotton) in each end of the vial to prevent movement of the specimens during mailing. if cotton is used instead of tissue, specimens will be tangled in the fibers, and extremely hard to free for identification without damaging the specimens. Several specimens of the same suspected type from the same collection site can be packed in a single vial, alternating layers of tissue on either side of each specimen.
  • Carefully pack all vials and/or cardboard protected paper envelopes in thick, well-padded mailing envelopes or cylinders before final shipping.
  • Specimens should be hand-carried or mailed to NEPMU6:

385 South Ave. BLDG. 618
PEARL HARBOR, HI 96860-4983

  • Following identification, the DD1222 will be returned to the submitting activity.

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