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Is there a list for approved Hearing Protection Devices? (+)

  • No, there is no list for approved Hearing Protection Devices. Speak to your regional audiologist.

Where is the schedule for Re-Certification Courses located? (+)

Is the 2008 Tech manual the latest version out there? (+)

  • The 2008 Tech manual is still in use.

When are the course numbers send out? (+)

  • Course numbers are sent out at the end of every month for the following month.

What do I do when my audiometer needs to be calibrated?  (+)

  • Send your audiometers to the address below:

    Commanding Officer
    Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center
    Attn: Calibration Laboratory
    620 John Paul Jones Circle, Bldg. 3 Suite 1100
    Portsmouth, VA 23708-2103

What do I do if my audiometer is not working properly? (+)

  • Check all connections and make sure power is turned on to the audiometer. You can also call us at 757-953-0761/0772/0776 and we can walk you through some additional steps. If you are still having problems fill out the Benson Warranty form. If your audiometer is under warranty Benson will send you a replacement.

Where do I find the Booth Certification form? (+)

Who do I contact if I can’t find something on the website? (+)

How do I become an Audio Technician? (+)

  • In order to become a certified Auto Tech you have to complete the 5 day Audio Technician course. You MUST attend all five days (Navy course) and pass the written, oral and practical exams

I will be holding an Audio Technician Course, what do I need to do? (+)

What do I need to do to have my course CAOHC certified? (+)

How do I become a Course Director? (+)

I am a new Audiologist how do I get a certification number for DOEHRS access? (+)

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