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Access PHA log in page:

Email the PHA Help Desk
Hours of Operation: 0600-1800 (EST) Monday-Friday
Phone: (757)-953-0737 or (757)-337-1792 DSN 337



All Navy and Marine Corps service members are required to complete a PHA annually. The EpiData Center Department (EDC) Application Development and Data Systems Support (ADDSS) Division developed the PHA system which tracks and maintains all user assessments.

The questions within PHA ensure the maintenance of medical readiness by

  • reviewing the service members’ physical and mental health
  • assisting health care providers in making readiness determinations
  • recommending present or future care

The PHA is open to any Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard member and can be accessed by their CAC or DOD ID and password created on registration. Users will be able to see any PHA they have created, both certified and uncertified, as well as a Certification Metrics that shows the progress of certification on the User homepage. PHA is a four part assessment including a self-reported health assessment, record review, mental health review, and a face-to-face or person-to-person consultation with a certified PHA health care provider.

Requesting Access as a Record Reviewer, MHA Provider, or HCP


In order to grant additional roles, the user must first have a PHA User account.

All users requesting Record Reviewer, MHA Provider, or HCP accounts, must provide a SAAR-N form with blocks 1-16b completed Blocks 16-16b of the SAAR must be signed by their Department Head. Additionally, their MHA or equivalent PHA training must be completed.

MHA Provider and HCP– Must be a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Advanced Practice Nurse, Independent Duty Corpsman, Independent Duty Health Services Technician, Independent Duty Medical Technician, or Special Forces Medical Sergeant.

MHA Providers may also be Clinical Psychologist, or Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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Additional Assistance


Email the PHA Help Desk  0600-1800 (EST) Monday-Friday - (757)-953 0737 or (757)-337-1792 DSN 337

Policies and Procedures

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