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Disease surveillance forms the cornerstone of public health. The ability to monitor the occurrence and spread of disease and conditions is critical to the readiness of military missions, and the health of beneficiaries. Under the functional proponent of the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, the reportable medical event guidelines are provided, most recently updated in January 2017 (released July 2017). The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) is tasked by Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) Instruction 6220.12A to run the Navy's reportable medical events program. The Naval Disease Reporting System (NDRS) is the Navy's electronic notifiable medical event reporting system.

The EpiData Center Department (EDC) analyzes the medical event reports, guiding policy decisions, guiding intervention planning, and setting priorities. Additionally, EDC uses existing electronic datasets to facilitate case finding and case confirmation with regard to events of public health significance, as well as to assess existing electronic datasets to see how to utilize them to streamline reporting requirements at the local level. Currently, all positive/suspect disease records in the Case Finding Module of DRSi reflect the guidelines released in July 2017.


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