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M3/5 acts as the principal liaison between BUMED, NMFA, MTFs, and line commands for execution of the Navy Medicine Augmentation Program deployments and training. Validates and sources deployments, various missions, and MTF backfill requests.

Internal Roles and Functions:
  • Advises commander on planning and execution of Health Services Augmentation Program deployments, platform management, unit readiness, and world-wide mission task orders.
  • Reviews, validates, sources, and tasks all NMFL deployments, missions, and personnel backfill requests.
  • Organize the manning, training, and equipment for unit deployments.
External Roles and Functions:
  • Provides oversight, guidance, and direction to Plan Operations Medical Intelligence Departments in NMFL area of responsibility (AOR).
  • Assists sourcing commands within NMFL AOR in managing and filling platform  assignments.
  • Conducts assist visits, as required and assesses POMI program compliance.
  • Liaisons with BUMED, supported agencies, and line commanders for mission sourcing and execution.

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