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Guidance for Navy Reserve Medicine Personnel


Operational Training or Specialty Courses: Nomination, Selection, and Notification Process

Nomination. Until superseded, BUMED M10 Reserve Policy and Integration’s Training and Education Department manages quota control in support of Navy Reserve Medicine personnel assigned to Budget Submitting Office (BSO-18).

-Nominations must be submitted 15 days before the specified nomination due date. Nominations received after the deadline will not be considered

-Submit application/nomination forms for Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command (NMLPDC) courses by completing the nomination forms -Endorsement by the Detachment Officer-in-Charge (DET OIC) or member’s Commanding Officer (CO) of their gaining command in the form of an email are acceptable, and should be uploaded with nomination form.

-Applicants must, at a minimum, meet physical readiness requirements per OPNAVINST 6110.1K. Pregnant/lactating mothers will not be accepted for field training courses.


SELRES are required to get endorsement from the Specialty Leaders and Reserve Affairs Officer. Coordination is required to secure quotas for courses. Specialty Leaders will notify BUMED Training and Education Department of members that have confirmed seats and to request for appropriate funding.


-Active Duty for Training-Continuing Medical Education (ADT-CME) is discretionary funding primarily used, however, members may use Annual Training (AT) or another source of funding to attend training. ADT-CME is discretionary funding, and is executed based on operational tempo and availability. Request for ADT-CME Funds must be endorsed by Command Training Officers. Form found on

ADT-CME Forms must be endorsed and routed to BUMED N7 Training and Education Department by Command Training Officers.

-Justification is a required statement annotating how the course will be an asset to the member, command and Navy Medicine

-Justification assists Program Managers and Reserve Affairs Officers determine selections

-Include present and/or future positions and how nominee will utilize the requested training

-Stating that the “course is needed for promotion” is not acceptable

-This is not to be a listing of the nominee’s accomplishments

-Members will receive notification of selection in the form of an email using the email address submitted on the nomination form. Contact your Training Officer after selected to ensure an NROWS Requirement is built for validation.  After requirement is validated and approved by Resource Owner, members will proceed to create orders for approved training.

-Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command (NMLPDC) and BUMED M10 Training and Education Department must be notified of student cancellation no later than two weeks prior to the convening date for the course. N7 Training and Education Department will notify the Commanding Training Officer, and/or Commanding Officer of selected students who fail to show for scheduled training.

-Reservists must make arrangements for their own lodging. The Navy Lodge is located on the compound, and is in walking distance to the course location.  NO RENTAL CARS AUTHORIZED for any training at Bethesda, Maryland.

A Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) must be obtained prior to reporting for class if lodging location is not at the Navy Lodge, Navy Gateway Inns and Suites, or base housing.

Contact your Command Training Office first, for any questions.  DO NOT CONTACT THE NMLPDC POC DIRECTLY.  You will be redirected to BUMED M10 Training and Education by the NMLDPC POC.

Begin, and end with your respective Training Chain of Command.

For information, please email 





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