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Hospital Corpsman
Personnel Qualification Standards
(HM/BDA PQS Program)

HMs are an essential element of Navy Medicine's primary mission in keeping the Navy and Marine Corps ready, healthy, and on the job. The PQS program delineates the minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities individuals must demonstrate before performing specific duties and establishes a learning continuum that focuses on developing a higher level of medical proficiency within the Hospital Corps.


Completion of the HM PQS applies to Hospital Corpsmen graduating from the new "A" School curriculum implemented on 5 July 2017 and assigned to a Budget Submitting Office (BSO) 18 medical treatment facility (MTF). HMs who graduate "C" schools via training pipeline are not required to complete the HM PQS. PQS candidates must demonstrate proficiency in each of the competencies as documented in the PQS sections contained in NAVEDTRA 43699-1 and NAVEDTRA 43699-2.

Points of Contact: 

HM and BDA PQS Enterprise Program Manager

HMCS(FMF/SW/AW) Freeland, Daniel D.

HM PQS Assistant Enterprise Program Manager
HM1(FMF) Colocho, Sinthia 
(301) 295-0084

BDA PQS Assistant Enterprise Program Manager 
HM1 Barnett, Vernon
(301) 295-0202

Naval Medical Forces Atlantic
HM and BDA PQS Regional Program Manager

HMC Rippentrop, Annmarie
(757) 953-0507

Naval Medical Forces Pacific
HM and BDA PQS Regional Program Manager

HMC (FMF) Patrick J. Oonyu
 (619) 767-6063

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