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What are the Processes involved in the planning and development of an activity?
1.  Identify the Planning Committee group consisting of a designated CME/CNE Planner, Course Director, Faculty, and administrative support.

2.  To open a new activity the planner logs in through the Application Portal under ‘CME Planner’ goes to Plan Activity on Menu. Then chooses appropriate type of activity (single, regular scheduled series (RSS), or internet enduring). Complete each section of phase 1 and phase 2 then submit for activity validation.
NOTE: You must submit for activity approval at least 45 days before the date of activity, so plan accordingly!

3.  The activity application is then reviewed, evaluated, and assessed by NMLPDC for completeness and accuracy and appropriateness for credit consideration.  Then, the activity is approved and a maximum number of credits/contact hours are assigned and a notification is auto-sent to the Planner that the activity is approved with the Statement of Accreditation and Credit/Contact Hour Designation and is thereby authorized for advertisement.
4.  Begin advertising activity and registering attendees. Registrants may find activity by searching for the name or assigned number given to the activity in the search bar upon login to the CME system. Self-registration is allowed until 2330 of the last day of offering of the Activity.
NOTE:  For Participant who attended but did not register on time; a Post Activity registration may be done by contacting Planner and/or the designated administrative support directly. 

5.  Keep a roster or list of all attendees from registration table onsite at activity.  This list is critical to verifying attendance for CE credit purposes.

6.  Once activity is over; the registered attendees may revisit the CE website and logon via the “Member/Portal Certificates” portal to complete the post activity/course evaluation, retrieve or claim the earned credits/contact hours and print the completion or participation certificate with designated statements.

7.   15-45 days post the completion of the course, the planner may begin closeout of activity which is done through Phase3/After Action Report (AAR). If the activity is designed to change Performance and/or Patient Outcomes; an auto generated post outcomes survey is sent out to the same learners to access and measure the change.

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