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2023 Military Tropical Medicine Course

Eligibility 2023
MTM-Didactics.  Physicians and other licensed providers (NP, PA) from the Army, Navy and Air Force, IDC, nurses, veterinarians, and microbiologists and Foreign Military may apply.  Priority is given to those in operational billets and for whom the course is an integral part of established training.

MTM-Field.  Due to COVID travel restrictions, it is unclear whether field missions will occur in August 2023.  If interested, MTM didactic graduates from the Army, Navy and Air Force who are applying for MTM-Didactics in the same fiscal year or who have successfully completed MTM-Didactics within the previous three years may apply.  Applicants must state in their application the months in the same fiscal year during which their command supports a 2 week assignment.  Mission assignment will occur through direct coordination with the course director and, if applicable, service point-of-contact (USA, USAF).

Please access additional course information and register at the NMFSC SharePoint site by clicking on the following CAC protected link.


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