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Welcome to Medical Service Corps (MSC) Graduate Programs!
Program Focus:
To provide central management and oversight of all aspects of full-time duty under instruction (DUINS), for Medical Service Corps officers and funding procedures relating to professional credentials and participation in certification, recertification, maintenance of certification (MOC), and specialty board examinations for active duty Navy Medical Service Corp officers.

The Medical Service Corps Graduate Programs provides central management and oversight of all aspects of graduate and professional education and training for Medical Service Corps officers. These opportunities are open to officers in all 31 specialties in the Corps.
Officers may apply for Full Time Duty Under Instruction or DUINS. DUINS offers the opportunity to attend school on a full-time basis at no personal cost while receiving all benefits, pay and allowances of their paygrade.
Full Time Out-service opportunities are available for Fellowships and Degree programs at civilian organizations and civilian College and University systems throughout the country.
Full Time In-service opportunities for Degree programs are available at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Maryland and the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California. (War College opportunities are coordinated through the MSC BUPERS detailing section.)

BUMEDNOTE 1520- Academic Year 2024 Medical Service Corps Full-Time Duty Under Instruction
DoDINST 6000.13 of 03 May 2016 - Accession and Retention Policies, Programs, and Incentives for Military Health Professions Officers (HPOs)
OPNAVINST 6110.1J - Physical Readiness Program
NAVPERS 15560D - Naval Military Personnel Manual
OPNAVINST 1520.23C - Graduate Education
DoDINST 1322.10 of 29 April 2008 - Policy on Graduate education for Military Officers
NAVMED P-117 of 20 October 2020 - Manual of the Medical Department (MANMED)

Eligibility: Please review BUMEDNOTE 1520- Academic Year 2024 Medical Service Corps Full-Time Duty Under Instruction released in April of each year.
      a. Must complete 2 years of active service prior to the DUINS Board convening.
      b. Must complete the 2-year time on station requirement prior to applying for DUINS.
      c. Must meet all physical, medical, and administrative readiness requirements to be worldwide assignable.
      d. Must be in a regular or selected promotion status.
      e. Must not be subject to or pending administrative separation, a civilian criminal conviction punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or involved in any type of action or activity considered misconduct.

DUINS Applications are due by June of each year
MSC DUINS Selection Board Convenes in September of each year

Students will be allowed 24 months to complete a Master’s degree, 36 months for a PhD.  Additional service obligations for attending school are:  three years for the first year, six months for every six months thereafter.


Per BUMEDINST 5050.6A, Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command (NMLPDC) may provide funding for Medical Corps Officers in a Non-BSO18 status to attend conferences in order to maintain certification. Funding will only be provided when the member's command does not have funds available. Funding requests must be submitted to the member's command before it is submitted to NMLPDC. Members may only be funded for one (1) Continuing Medical Education (CME) event per fiscal year, from either their command or NMLPDC.  The conference/course must support the current scope of the member's medical practice. Members requesting funding from NMLPDC must have at least one year of active-duty service following the conference.

Funding requests should be submitted to the MSC group email at at least six (6) weeks prior to the member's travel.

All documents that are required for submitting a funding request to NMLPDC may be found below.
BUMEDINST 1500.20A as of 09 March 2020 CH-1 - Funding Professional Credentials and Certification Examinations
Certification Examinations and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Fees:  In accordance with BUMEDINST 1500.20A, the Navy Medical Leader and Professional Development Command (NMLPDC) may provide funding to Medical SERVICE Corps Officers for certification examinations, recertification examinations, MOC examination and MOC fees.
Funding requests must be submitted to the funding group email address:

Travel fees associated with board examinations will only be authorized and reimbursed by NMLPDC if requested in advance. All efforts must be made by the requesting member to submit funding requests to NMLPDC at LEAST 6 WEEKS in advance of the travel start date. Travel fee reimbursement for requests received after the travel has occurred will not be supported. Examinations must be taken at the closest available testing center or virtually if applicable. 
Members requesting certification funding must remain in active service for a period of one year following their examination date. NMLPDC will not authorize funding for MOCs paid or exams taken in prior fiscal years.

All documents that are required for submitting a funding request to NMLPDC may be found below.

**Because of potential postal delays, send request as an attachment via email**

Medical Service Corps Funding email:


Contact Information

Navy Medical Leader and Professional
Development Command
Building 1, 16th Floor, Room 16125
8955 Wood Road
Bethesda, MD 20889-5628
MSC Graduate Programs

MSC Graduate Programs,
Program Manager
Phone:  (301) 295-5777
DSN:  295-5777

MSC Graduate Programs
Program Specialist
Phone:  (301) 295-0624
DSN:  295-0624

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