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Nomination Selection Information
Completed Nomination Documents are required at NML&PDC (and for SELRES) no later than eight (8) weeks prior to course convening dates. Nomination due dates are included on course information pages located within this site. The nomination should include a subsequent alternate course for consideration in selections. 
For all Management & Specialty courses  NOMINATION SUBMISSION CLICK HERE  

The nomination document for all operational courses can be accessed at operational course submissions for active duty members and civilians.

RESERVE NOMINATIONS Submitted Directly Through Command Training Officer and Cc'd to
You must ensure that all information requested is provided. Information not available should be indicated, e.g. “no individual e-mail for this nominee”. Command priority level and justification statement for priority must be included. Include EAOS/PRD: EAOS/PRD should not be less than one year from the date of the course convening date.
Commitment: The nomination represents a commitment by the nominating command to send the member and that the member will be available to attend the course, if selected. Individuals who cannot attend should not be nominated.
Cancellations/Substitutions: NMPDC requires command notification (written) regarding need for cancellations. Individual substitutions by commands are not authorized. The selection authority creates a prioritized alternate list. If a cancellation occurs, the Course Director will select an alternate.
Point of Contact: Command Education and Training Coordinators/Education Officers are expected to serve as the central point of contact for interactions with NMPDC Bethesda. Nominees should attempt to resolve questions and/or concerns through their command representative. Reserve students should attempt to resolve questions/concerns through the Reserve Liaison.   It is your responsibility to work with your command's TAD office to book your transportation. Accounting data is sent to the TAD representative that is noted on the nomination form and to the students.
Selections for courses are made from nominations received by authorities documented below:
Nominations to
Selection Authority
Funded By
Advanced Medical Department Officers Course (AMDOC) NMPDC 0A3
BUMED Corps Chiefs
Clinical Management Course NMPDC 0A3
Course Director
Financial and Materiel Management Course NMPDC 0A3
PERS 4415/Detailers/Speciality Leader
Patient Administration Course (PAC) NMPDC 0A3
PERS4415/Detailers/Specialty Leaders
Plans, Operations, and Medical Intelligence (POMIC) NMPDC 0A3
Specialty Leaders
Executive Medical Department Enlisted Course (EMDEC) NMPDC 0A3
Global Medicine (GM) NMPDC 0A3
Course Coordinator
Military Tropical Medicine (MTM) NMPDC 0A3
Course Coordinator
Course Nominations are now
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follow the instructions on each Course page.
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