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Operational Course Nomination


NMPDC Bethesda Course Nomination Letter (operational short courses) Active Duty Only

Directions on How to Complete the Letter
Please do not omit any part of these requirements. Use Standard Naval Letter format for nomination (see SECNAVINST 5210.11 D). Follow explanation of needed information in parentheses. Information not available should be indicated as not available (DO NOT LEAVE SPACES EMPTY). Fax the completed nomination to NMPDC: (301) 295-1292 / (DSN) 295-1292 or send E-mail (approval signature on document) to:
Nomination letter may also be mailed to:
8901 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD20889-5611
From: Commanding Officer/OIC (State Command)
Code 03AM1
(Course name, number, and dates)
  1. The following information provides data for a Member from my Command:
    1. Nominee Information:
      1. Name (Last, Full First Name and Middle Initial)
      2. Rank, Corps, SSN, Designator, and NOBC
      3. Command Name and UIC
      4. Member's telephone (Commercial and DSN)
      5. Member's Email address (work, not personal)
      6. Current billet assignment and title
    2. Nominee PRD/RAD/EAOS (Provide next duty assignment for personnel with PCS orders)
    3. Justification: (In short paragraph, five sentences or less, describe roles and responsibilities of Member and justification for course attendance)
    4. Member's Mobilization Platform and Billet Sequence Code (BSC) assigned: (Obtain from Head, Mobilization Office)
    5. List previous operational course(s) completed (Title and date attended)
    6. Head, Mobilization Office (Name, Rank, Corps, and phone number)
    7. Nominating Command address (Complete mailing address)
    8. Command POC (Who will receive accounting data to process TAD orders- include name, commercial and DSN phone and fax numbers)
    9. Head, Staff Education and Training Department (Name, Rank, Corps, and phone number)
  2. The individual nominated is available for training and has the full endorsement of the nominating command. With this commitment, a member from the executive leadership from this command will notify NMPDC if the member has to cancel by separate cover at least one to two weeks (or earlier) prior to the class convening date.
(Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Director for Administration, or Head Staff Education by Direction)
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