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Financial and Materiel Management Training Course (FMMTC)

FMMTC prepares MSC officers and BUMED identified civil service personnel for assignment to Navy Medical Department's resources and materiel management career fields. Course topics include: DOD/BUMED financial and materiel management organization, budgeting, accounting, business management, equipment management/acquisition, simplified acquisition procedures, contract development/administration, electronic commerce and managed care support/oversight. Student evaluation includes quizzes, module exercises, exams and a final exercise.


MSC Officers in grades O-1 to O-4 and equivalent grade civil service personnel with projected or current assignment to a BUMED financial and/or materiel management position.  Interested MSC officers are screened by the Resources Management and Materiel Management specialty leaders for eligibility.


Naval Medical Leader & Professional Development Command provides TAD funding for active duty and civil service attendees.  Lodging is provided at a contract hotel; students are directed to NOT make lodging reservations. 
SELRES personnel are funded by the Naval Reserve; lodging for SELRES personnel is arranged by the member.

Course Data

  • Length: 10 weeks
  • Classes/year: 2
  • Seats available: 20 per class
  • CIN#: B-7D-002
  • SPMS Code: Not yet available
Active Duty or Civilian Nomination Submission: CLICK HERE 
Interested personnel should contact their respective Specialty Leader prior to nomination submission.
Student Support:  (301) 295-2355 or email
Training Site: NSA Bethesda, Bldg 1, Tower, Room 1730, NMLPDC Bethesda
​​FY21 Schedule Dates
Course Title
Course Number
Course Start Date
​Course End Date
​Nomination Due Date
​FMMTC ​21-10 ​11-Jan-21 ​26-Feb-21 ​20-Nov-20
​FMMTC ​​21-20 09-Aug​-21 29-Oct-21 31-May-21
​​FY22 Schedule Dates
Course Title
Course Number
Course Start Date
​Course End Date
​Nomination Due Date
​FMMTC ​22-10 ​31-Jan-22 ​08-Apr-22 ​17-Dec-21
​FMMTC ​​22-20 11-Jul​-22 16-Sep-22 20-May-22


Please fill out this document:  STUDENT DATA SHEET. Save completed document with required digital signatures, then email encrypted to:  FMMTC ADMINS

For Selected Reserve (SELRES) Personnel ONLY:
Training Site: Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command, NSA-Bethesda, Building 1, Room 1730 

Joint Medical Executive Skills Program
Navy Medicine Officers

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