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Description: The Plans, Operations and Medical Intelligence (POMI) Course is designed as a three-week resident training program that addresses strategies, concepts, and tools necessary for the POMI officer and enlisted staff to grow into a POMI assignment. Topics include, but are not limited to, the POMI responsibilities in an operational unit; tactical, operational, and strategic levels of planning; doctrinal publications; exercise planning; medical intelligence; the federal response system; pertinent threat and capability briefs; geographic/geo-political background briefs; joint health service support assets; Armed Forces Blood Program; logistics; chain of command issues; communication methods; and future initiatives.

Throughout the duration of the course the students participate in a class/group capstone project that culminates in the development and presentation of an Annex Q (Medical Services Annex to an Operations Order) that is based upon a fictitious scenario mimicking real world events.

Target Audience: Junior Medical Service Corps Officers (O1-O4) in the Health Care Administration, Physician's Assistant, Environmental Health, or Industrial Hygiene fields and Senior Enlisted Personnel (E7-E8) desiring to enter the POMI Community/field by either occupying a POMI billet or en-route to an authorized POMI billet.

Criteria for selection (in order of priority):
  • Occupying an authorized POMI (1805) billet
  •  In the training pipeline to become a POMI officer (endorsed by POMI Specialty Leader)
  • Occupying or en-route to the below types of commands:
    • Operational Marine Corps unit (MAW, MLG, MARDIV, HQ)
    • Navy numbered Fleet staff, Amphibious Group staff, or Type Command
    • Special Forces Unit
    • COCOM or Navy/USMC Component HQ - Medical Staff
  • Medical Administration Officer billet aboard either a carrier or amphibious group
  • Fleet Surgical Team as Medical Regulating Officer
  • Reserve Personnel assigned, in writing, to a POMI mobilization platform BSC/component UIC (CRTS, FH/T-AH/FMF)
  • Assigned as the POMI for a MTF/Command
  • Assigned as a Blood Officer to a headquarters unit or deployable platform (EHO, IHO, RHO)
  • Assigned to a FDPMU, operational unit or headquarters
Exceptional E6 applicants may be considered, but additional justification is required. Contact the Course Director for details.

Training Site: 
On-site - Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command, Building 1, Classroom 1733, 8955 Wood Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20889-5611
Virtual - Teams (Contact Course Director for additional information)

Course Information:
Course Number
: CIN# B-6I-2310

Funding: Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command (NMLPDC) provides full funding for Active Duty. NMLPDC is not authorized to fund rental cars. Active Duty billeting is at a contract hotel with reservations made by NMLPDC. SELRES are funded by RECEN, billet reservations are made by the Reserve member.

Duration: Three weeks

Classes/year: Four

Seats Available: 30/class

Executive Skills:  The POMI Course is included in the Joint Medical Executive Skills Program

Clearance Requirement: There will be Secret briefs ONLY during the in-person course.  There is no clearance requirement for the virtual POMI Course.  For in-person classes, students must possess an active SECRET clearance.  The student's Security Manager will send clearance information via DIS to the following SMO code:
The Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command (NMLPDC) UIC and Security Management Office code is 0622A. NOTE: Applicants will no be permitted to attend the course without security clearance information being submitted immediately upon notification of acceptance.

Curriculum: Topics

Course Schedule: 
Course number Start Date End Date Nomination Due Date
22-10 18 Oct 21 05 Nov 21 20 Aug 21
22-20 (virtual) 28 Feb 22 18 Mar 22 07 Jan 22
22-30 16 May 22 03 Jun 22 18 Mar 22
22-40 18 Jul 22 05 Aug 22 20 May 22
Active Duty/Civilian: Please fill out a student data sheet and save completed document with required digital signatures.  Email the completed document encrypted.

Reserve Component: POMI Reserve Specialty Leader. All requests for Reserve personnel to attend MUST be approved through BUMED M10 Education, Training, and Readiness will coordinate funding. Please click on the following for additional information.



Contact Information

Course Director
Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command
Building 1, 1st Deck, Room 1704
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
8955 Wood Road
NSA Bethesda, MD
Commercial: (301) 400-2631
DSN: 269-2631

Joint Medical Executive Skills Program
Navy Medicine Officers

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