Application Questions

1Who can fill out an Online CME application?
Answer:  It is recommended that the Activity Planner is assigned as the Administrator of the CME program and the planner initiates the development and completion of all CME activity applications for the command (from all Directorates).

2.  When assigned as the Course Director, can I have access to the CME activity application?
Answer:  Absolutely.  The Planner will assign one of the Committee members, preferably a Physician, as the Activity Course Director for each activity; (although the Activity Director does not have to be a Physician). The Activity Director must have the same access of the entire application for revision, editing, deleting, adding and finally review and content validation of all the agenda presentations.

3.  How does a Planner assign the Activity Director?
Answer:  The Planner must go to Phase 2 of the application and Select the Committee member Tab. (on the left side of the screen).  This page will show the names of the Committee member assigned.  If the prospective Course Director is not listed in this page, the planner can add by “Search” or by simply “adding” a new member.  Once the member is added in the list, the planner must edit the name of that prospective member and update the profile information.  After the information is updated, answer the three questions below the member’s profile and make sure to answer “YES” to the question assigning the member as the Director.  This will make the Director and Planner share information in order to build and review the application.

4.  As the Planner, how do I pre-register a prospective attendee or learner?
Answer:  Two ways to pre-register.  First, you can have the prospective attendee to register via the web.  The attendee must have a login ID and Password to access the web. Click the “Register” and Logon.  Then Click “Search” and select the activity that he/she intends to attend to Open, then click the “Register on this Course/Activity.”  The Other way is for the Planner to register the attendee prior or even after the learner participates the activity. Planner goes to Pre-Activity Phase 2 of the application then click on the “Attendee Roster”.  Type the Last Name in the box and click Search.  If the name is already in the database, simply add member to the list.  If the name is not in the database, then go to the bottom of the table and Click “Add New Attendee”, this will require the Last Name, Last 4 of the SSN, Day of Birth, Month of birth.  Once completed, it will ask to update the profile.  Most importantly is to add and/or update the Email Address for future Recovery information.
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