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 Per BUMEDINST 5050.6, Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command (NMLPDC) may provide funding for Medical Corps Officers in a Non-BSO18 status to attend conferences in order to maintain certification. Funding will only be provided when the member's command does not have funds available. Funding requests must be submitted to the member's command before it is submitted to NMLPDC. Members may only be funded for one (1) Continuing Medical Education (CME) event per fiscal year, from either their command or NMLPDC.  The conference/course must support the current scope of the member's medical practice. Members requesting funding from NMLPDC must have at least one year of active-duty service following the conference.
Priority Use of Funds: Commands with TAD approval authority for CE (Continuing Education) or PUT (Professional Update Training) should prioritize use of funds by all Corps within the command. Priorities will include the following:
(1) CE directly related to wartime readiness requirements, such as courses or meetings emphasizing military health care or emergency, trauma, or critical care clinical topics.
(2) CE to correct performance deficiencies identified during quality assurance reviews.
(3) Meetings at which the traveler will present a scientific paper or seminar that will enhance the status of a military program.
(4) CE or PUT to maintain state-of-the-art health care practice by faculty or Navy education and training programs.
(5) CE for certification, licensure, or credentialing and privileging.
(6) CE or PUT to maintain state-of-the-art health care practice by health care providers.

Note: SECNAVINST 5050.6A has delegated approval for non-DoD-sponsored or hosted conferences with costs of $100K or less and not on the “White List” down to the Command or Funding Authority level.

Funding requests should be submitted to the CME funding group email at at least six (6) weeks prior to the member's travel.
All other conference related information and guidance can be found on Navy Medicine Conference Information and Policy page.

Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command Funding Points of Contact:

Medical Corps Funding Program Manager
Office: (301) 295-0293
Cell: (240) 271-5531

Medical Corps Board/CME Funding Coordinator
Office: (301) 400-3499

Medical Corps Funding email:
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