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NAMRU-6 Logo

Naval Medical Research Unit 6
Unit 3800 Jorge Chávez International Airport,  APO  AA  34031 Peru


Ensure readiness and health of U.S. service members, our Peruvian national partners, and global stakeholders through biomedical research, infectious disease surveillance, medical countermeasure testing and evaluation, and global health engagement.
Our mission can only be accomplished through a focus on the following:
People First – Mission Always!
People are our greatest resource, without YOU, we cannot accomplish the mission.
Take care of yourselves and your families physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Learn something new every day; develop yourself professionally.
You are ALL leaders; mentor and empower each other.
Live and act with integrity at work and home.
Teamwork – We are Stronger Together!
Collaborate across departments, labs, commands, agencies, and partners.
Break down barriers that hamper the mission; use your chain of command (CoC) to its fullest potential.
Be clear, transparent, and timely in your communications, be it good OR bad news.
Embrace diversity – every idea deserves consideration.
Treat each other with dignity and respect and intervene if you observe behavior to the contrary.
Perseverance – We Can Overcome our Challenges!
Implement a measured and safe return to the workplace to the MAXIMUM extent possible while adhering to the Government of Peru, U.S. Embassy Lima, and DoD guidelines.
Innovate – ask questions, seek new opportunities with approval from your CoC.
Be agile and responsive to emerging requirements.
Encourage a culture of professionalism and accountability.
Execute projects within cost and schedule to support our customers and sponsors.
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