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Division Officer Leadership Course (DIVOLC) is a service school requirement for O-1 through O-3 Medical Department officers who graduated from Officer Development School after January 2018. The 5-day course is designed to resemble the first tour of a Division Officer and provides junior officers the necessary tools to function as effective leaders at the Division Officer level. A major instructional theme of the course is teaching a junior officer the importance of building and maintaining an effective work climate while providing positive oversight and management of resources. 

The Navy Leader Development Strategy (NLDS) assigns the following outcomes for the average rank of a Division Officer: 


  • Understands and lives relationship of Oath to Navy Core Values
  • Personal values consistent with Navy Core Values
  • Practices sound judgment
  • Enforces rules, regulations and procedures
  • Valued team leader
  • Fosters loyalty up and down the chain of command. 


The Navy Leadership Competency Model (NLCM) assigns the following competencies to the Division Officer development program: 
  • Accomplishing Mission
  • Leading People
  • Leading Change
  • Working with People
  • Resource Stewardship

Course Director

Training Site: Naval Support Activity Bethesda,
Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command, Building 1, 1st Floor, Room 1733, NSA-Bethesda, MD

Course Data
  • Length: 5 days
  • Service School: 00G
  • Service School Abbreviation: DIVO LDRSHP
  • CDP: 20XD/26M5/26KG

O1 to O3 Active Duty Naval officers who graduated Officer Development School after January 2018.

Travel, lodging, and per-diem is funded by member’s parent command.

DIVOLC Course Registration Information (by location):
Bethesda Registration:
Please access additional course information and register at the NMFSC SharePoint site by clicking on the following CAC protected LINK

For Bethesda DIVOLC registration questions, please email
Portsmouth Registration:
For Portsmouth DIVOLC registration questions, please email
San Diego Registration:
For San Diego DIVOLC registration questions, please email



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