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Navy Drug Screening Lab Jacksonville

The Navy Drug Screening Laboratory, Jacksonville is dedicated to ensuring warfighter readiness by deterring illegal drug use through providing accurate and timely forensic drug testing.  We are an expertly prepared team of diverse, motivated Sailors and civilians who, guided by our core values, demonstrate enthusiasm and pride in everything we do, squarely focused on mission accomplishment.

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Important Notice

In some instances, a positive drug test may result from the legitimate use of prescription medications. In these events, the Service member’s command must ensure that a thorough review of the Service member's medical and dental records, the CHCS patient profile, and any prescription records for non-military issued prescriptions has been performed to establish that the positive result is attributable to the valid prescription. You can reach an NDSL technical expert at extension 104, 105, or 163, or by e-mail at for further assistance.

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Office Extensions
Commanding Officer (904) 542-7755 ext. 100
Executive Officer (904) 542-7755 ext. 102
Director for Administration (904) 542-7245
Resource Management (904) 542-7755 ext. 113
Executive Secretary (904) 542-7755 ext. 100


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NDSL Jacksonville
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Navy Drug Screening Laboratory
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