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Audiometric Technician Certification Course Material

The Navy’s Hearing Conservation Program goal is to prevent personnel from suffering occupational hearing loss due to noise exposure. Training is crucial to the success of the Hearing Conservation Program. Here you will find the Hearing Conservation Training Course Material.

Student Training Material

0.1 Introduction, Rationale and Requirements for 2013 OHC Technician Training Materials
0.2 Technology Requirements Summary.pptx
1.1 Overview of HCP
1.2 Physics of Sound
1.3 Noise Measurement and Control
1.4 Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear
1.5 Ear Disorders and Hearing Loss
1.6 Otoscopic Examination and Tympanometry Basics
1.7 Audiometer and Test Environment
1.8 Audiometric Testing - Protocols and Techniques
1.9 Audiometric Testing - Results, Follow-up and Referral
1.10 Hearing Protection
1.11 HC Education and Motivation
1.12 Recordkeeping and Program Evaluation
1.13 Regulations and Compensation
1.14 OHC Technician - Role and Responsibilities


1.16 Instructor Notes for PowerPoint Units

WAV / Audio Clips

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8 Octave Chromatic C Scale
Causes and Types of Hearing Loss
Cochlear Animation
Hair Cell Rock Out
Laser Scanner Oscilloscope Test