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Substance Abuse

Members of the Navy and Marine Corps Family often feel the impact of the roller coaster of life- deployment, separation, change of station, and family problems just to name a few. When this occurs, both the individual and their family members may be caught unaware of what to do or where to turn. When you add to this the stressors of being Wounded, Ill, or Injured (WII), it may seem to be too much to handle.

Communication, healthy behaviors, and logical reasoning processes may be compromised due to a particular injury or an alteration of the stress response. This section of the WII website focuses on providing education and resources for those who may be experiencing the roller coaster of life which may be leading to possible self-harm.

Clinicians and family members may also benefit from the resources provided. Explore the links and resources below for further assistance.

For additional resources visit our Preventing Drug Abuse and Excessive Alcohol Use page >>


Alcohol Abuse

Drug Abuse