Diseases like malaria, leishmaniasis, and dengue are on the increase world-wide and are more of a threat to deployed forces today than 30 years ago. The VC Project leverages intellectual capital and expertise from a consortium of federal agencies, academia and industry to protect our deployed war-fighters from blood feeding insects that transmit debilitating human disease. Our Vector Control (VC) project is directed by the Navy Entomology Center of Excellence (NECE).

As a result of the WII program, the Navy Entomology Center of Excellence (NECE) is revolutionizing the approach to protecting our military personnel from vector-borne diseases. A patent is pending for an insecticide embedded Velcro patch that attaches to the outside of military uniforms avoiding direct contact with human skin and preventing insect bites. This scientific breakthrough will improve readiness, reduce health care costs, improve service member safety, and save lives!

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