Retired Veteran


Transitioning from the military to the civilian environment may impact a Sailor in a number of ways. It includes not only a job transition, but social and lifestyle changes. Although the person may be looking forward to the next phase or step of their life, the number of changes that occur when someone transitions from the Navy often leads to increased stress, loss and worry. The individual may feel threatened by the civilian culture, experience a loss of prestige, and be concerned about the specific as well as general change. These perceptions and feelings may be minimized through honest discussions, proactive planning, job searching and developing an action oriented timeline.

What Leaders Can Do to Help Sailors Undergoing Separation or Retirement

  • Encourage participation in transitional programs (e.g., TAP workshop).
  • Encourage use of educational benefits, if appropriate.
  • Provide letters of recommendation as appropriate.

For more information on stress, visit our Life Challenges page.

Resources and Relevant Policy Pertaining to Separation or Retirement

The Fleet and Family Support Center's Transition Assistance Program (TAP) offers information on insurance, relocation, finances, veterans issues, benefits and retiree activities to Sailors retiring and separating.

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