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NMCPHC is staffed with skilled and board-certified toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and chemists who possess a wide range of expertise and experience in evaluating the potential health consequences of low-level environmental exposures to chemicals in the military environment. We provide detailed, risk evaluations of chemicals and mixtures of chemicals that do not have regulatory toxicity values, as well as state and federal agency risk assessment document evaluations to assist with decision-making.   Our expertise allows quick reviews for time-critical decisions with communication of the limitations and uncertainties inherent in such evaluations. We provide analyses and reviews of appropriate use of regulatory screening values as well as models used to develop them. Toxicology specialists have significant experience in teaching introductory and advanced topics for technical and non-technical audiences, as well as participating in community meetings, training sessions, scientific meetings and conferences, regulatory meetings, and senior policy boards.


  • ECOS - DoD Sustainability Work Group, Emerging Contaminants Task Group Risk Communication Principles (28 KB)
  • ECOS - DoD Sustainability Work Group, Identification - selection of Toxicity Values/Criteria for CERCLA and Hazardous Waste Site Risk Assessments in the Absence of IRIS Values (660 KB)


  • Low-Dose Linearity for Non-cancer Risks and Dose Additivity for Mixtures Risk Analysis
  • Risk Analysis