Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System - Industrial Hygiene (DOEHRS-IH)

The Industrial Hygiene (IH) module of DOEHRS is a key enabling technology within the presidentially mandated Force Health Protection Plan and is further supported by Public Law 105-85. DOEHRS-IH is a comprehensive, automated information system for assembling, comparing, using, evaluating, and storing environmental health surveillance data, occupational personnel exposure information, workplace environmental monitoring data, personal protective equipment usage data, observation of work practices data, and employee health hazard educational data. DOEHRS-IH provides information needed by Occupational Health (OH) staff and command surgeons for reporting options to commanders regarding the reduction of health threats.

DOEHRS-IH Information and Resources

DOEHRS-IH Training Courses

  • DOEHRS-IH Sustainment Training – for new users and users that have not used DOEHRS-IH recently
  • DOEHRS-IH Refresher Training – monthly refresher training. As a DOEHRS user, you will get monthly e-mails reminding you to attend this training. These live sessions are also recorded and can be reviewed at any time within DOEHRS-IH. You should establish a Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) account to attend and review this training.

DOEHRS-IH Documentation/Information/Training Available Within the DOEHRS-IH Program