Industrial Hygiene Field Operations Manual

The Industrial Hygiene Field Operations Manual provides the Navy’s standard practice of the technical aspects of Industrial Hygiene. It’s authority derives from reference in OPNAVINST 5100.23 Series. The manual is under continuous maintenance and is updated as the state-of-the art and body of scientific knowledge changes.

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Individual Files

File Name




Nov 2018

Record of Changes


Nov 2016

Table of Contents

IHFOM CH1.PDF (23.63 KB)

June 2018

Chapter 1 - Introduction


July 2018

Chapter 2 - Industrial Hygiene Surveys and Survey Reports


June 2018

Chapter 3 - Sampling Procedures

IHFOM CH4.PDF (176.00 KB)

July 2018

Chapter 4 - Exposure Assessment Strategies

IHFOM CH5.PDF (97.15 KB)

Aug 2018

Chapter 5 - Noise Surveys

IHFOM CH6.PDF (151.31 KB)

Nov 2018

Chapter 6 - Ventilation

IHFOM CH7.PDF (100.92 KB)

Sep 2018

Chapter 7 - Asbestos Monitoring Procedures

IHFOM CH8.PDF (106.52 KB)

Dec 2015

Chapter 8 - Equipment Maintenance and Calibration

IHFOM CH9.PDF (262.35 KB)

Nov 2018

Chapter 9 - Respiratory Protection

IHFOM CH10.PDF (64.27 KB)

Nov 2018

Chapter 10 - Personal Protection Equipment and Chemical Protective Clothing

IHFOM CH11.PDF (123.27 KB)

June 2018

Chapter 11 - Ultraviolet Radiation

IHFOM CH12.PDF (241.17 KB)

Sep 2018

Chapter 12 - Hazardous Materials Spills/Waste Operations

IHFOM CH13 Introduction.PDF (20.20 KB)

July 2015

Chapter 13 - Indoor Environmental Quality


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File Name



NMCPHC 5100/12 (143.23 KB)

May 2017

Audiometric Test Booth Certification Form

NMCPHC 5100/13 (141.50 KB)

Sep 2014

Industrial Hygiene Air Sample Survey Form

NMCPHC 5100/14 (134.00 KB)

Sep 2014

Industrial Hygiene Single Stressor Air Sample Survey Form

NMCPHC 5100/15 (120.00 KB)

Sep 2014

Industrial Hygiene Direct Reading Single Stressor Survey Form

NMCPHC 5100/16 (68.00 KB)

Sep 2014

Industrial Hygiene Bulk/Wipe Sample Survey Form

NMCPHC 5100/17 (58.00 KB)

Feb 2018

Industrial Hygiene Noise Survey Form

NMCPHC 5100/18 (123.00 KB)

Sep 2014

Industrial Hygiene Noise Dosimetry Survey Form

NMCPHC 5100/19 (67.50 KB)

Sep 2014

Industrial Hygiene Heat Stress Ashore Survey Form

NMCPHC 5100/20 (72.50 KB)

Sep 2014

Industrial Hygiene Heat Stress Afloat Survey Form

NMCPHC 5100/21 (63.50 KB)

Oct 2017

Asbestos Fiber Counting Form

NMCPHC 5100/22 (29.00 KB)

Oct 2017

Asbestos Bulk Sample Analysis Form



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