Case Management

Case management plays an important role in the recovery of the Wounded, Ill and Injured population. The case manager encourages and empowers the Wounded Ill and Injured and their family members quality of life through collaboration with providers, service resources, and linkage to support within their community. Timely communication between the wounded ill and/or injured and the case manager allow for development and strengthening of healthy patterns of behavior when lifestyles have been altered by a wound and/or injury.

Case managers also have the opportunity to provide valuable health behavior support to those being served. The Wounded, Ill and Injured personnel practicing healthy behaviors such as: tobacco cessation, limited and social use of alcohol, balanced nutrition and a regular exercise routine are much more mission ready and able to return to active duty faster should they become injured than those who do not practice healthy behaviors.

Effective case management highlights awareness of available resources. It provides education by defining how injuries and illnesses are impacted by attitudes and health behaviors. Effective and efficient case management is the catalyst in this recovery process. Wounded, Ill and Injured members who choose to engage in case management recover to their fullest potential faster than those who choose not to engage in case management.

The benefits of effective case management to the Wounded Ill and Injured are multi-faceted. They include but are not limited to healthcare education, self care, and adoption of healthier lifestyles and behaviors. One of the key factors of recovery is the relationship between the Wounded Ill and Injured, their family/support system and the case manager. Effective communication and support are essential elements toward recovery.

Case managers may also benefit from the health behavior resources available. NMCPHC provides valuable resources to the case managers, some of which include; stress management, smoking cessation and weight management.

The Health Promotion and Wellness Wounded, Ill and Injured Team at the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center are dedicated to helping our Sailors and Marines quickly recover and return to mission. We are providing resources and materials to promote and reinforce the importance of case management. Health Promotion is gathering and consolidating information from various military installations and government agencies at all levels to provide the highest level of continuity of care. Please review the following links for further assistance on case management.



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